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Welcome to our blog about our adventures in geocaching around the Pacific Northwest, our little corner of the world. We started Geocaching on March 6, 2010. We are approaching 600 finds and have an even 100 hides so far.

Geocaching is a fun activity for Nosey Rosey (Dawn) and I and we do it as a team. It has taken us around our county to places we have never seen before in 13 years. The exploring is just one aspect of the fun in geocaching. We go out nearly every weekend and use multi-million dollar satellites to play our hobby for free using an iPhone and my handheld GPS.

I (Ed) go by GeoHL now since I am called GeoHotLine by some of the fellow geocachers in the area.

If you have a question about geocaching ... you can email us at anytime at nwgeocaching@gmail.com .

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome All

Welcome to all from hobbyonabudget.com ... if you have any questions ask me anything concerning geocaching.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Green Valley Series

Congrats goes to 4PAW for finding 3 out of the four geocaches placed in Green Valley northwest of Sutherlin and congrats to 1Delta10Tango for being the FTF on Green Valley # 1 ... getting ready to put out another series for you guys to scramble over.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Got a message that one of the geocoins that were released exactly one year ago this month has traveled a bit farther for a total of 6,188 miles so far.

It started out in Roseburg and then went to Florence OR for a family vacation. It got picked up by some vacationers and they took it south to Anaheim CA. Then some other people picked it up and moved to Big Bear Lake CA and then it went down the mountain to Redlands CA. After that it got on a jet and flew back to Milwaukee WI and then caught another flight to St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Now it has caught another flight and is on the east coast outside of Clinton MA west of Boston. This one is really moving well.

I have permission from the City of Roseburg to take one of the Discover Roseburg geocoins over to Maui with us in exactly 60 days from now. Being that all the Hawaiian Islands chain is so international by nature who knows where the geocoin might end up going from there.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Season Begins

Well today is the first day of spring and the new season for geocaching is underway ... it has been a long off season. I have been finding some over the months but nothing like before October 25 (last entry) ... So Dawn was in the hospital over the weekend with a bleeding ulcer and they kept her till today to see her hemoglobin up to where it is supposed to be and get 3 units of blood in a transfusion. She is home and ready to go out geocaching for sure.

When I left the hospital yesterday I found a great location for a new geocache and placed one and the day before I placed one at the duck pond so the bug is back to hide more.

Going to be getting out to maintain the ones I have out there for sure soon.

A lot has happened since my last entry. I am no longer with the Boy Scouts of America as the District Executive for the county. Fortunately I filed for a VA claim on some service connected injuries and now have 100% disability so I now have all the time in the world to geocache whenever I want.

Dawn and I are planning a vacation to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next month. We will be postponing the trip and go in June to Maui. The first thing I did was look for geocaches on Maui on geocaching.com and there are plenty over there so we will be adding another state it seems.

In a few weeks we will be going down to the San Jose area to see some family and go to an arena football game. But you know we will be geocaching to, there and on the way back for sure.

So anyway, now that spring is here ... GENTLEMEN, START GEOCACHING.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Going out to maintain some geocaches

I hear that the geocache I have on Harvard has been muggled so I am going out today to check it and replace it if I need to. There are some others around town that apparently have been muggled so I am going to replace those today too.

Have not been doing any geocaching for awhile because I have been doing lots of paperwork for some things which have a higher priority right now.

Besides that ... have you seen the price of gas?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Geo-caching in Florence

We went to Florence for this past weekend and weathered out the HUGE storm over there and yet found 23 geocaches for the weekend. Nothing like running around getting soaked and getting blown around by the monstrous winds right off the ocean.

I thought our motel was going to blow over Saturday night the winds were so bad.

But Sunday was cold but sunny up to noon or so and then it started raining again.

It was a fruitful.

We dropped off one travel bug and picked up two in our travels. I have already dropped off the two bugs in the Ivy Hotel here near the Dixonville turn off from highway 138.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Downtown Published

4PAW published a new one and it is appropriately called DOWNTOWN ... we just happened to be down on Jackson Street when it went published into my email on my iPhone so we walked down the street to see if we can find it between the sprinkles.

The size is not shown and there is no hint just a very short description. It was too wet and we got a bad signal on the iPhone for it kept telling us that we were 16 feet north of it which meant it was inside the shoe store and I am sure it is not.

So we put that on our list of ones to find and gave it a DNF ... it must be a good hide for we tore the place apart looking for it (not really). There were plenty of muggles using the walkway and I can over hear the asking each other what the heck we were doing. So I will be anxious to see who the first to find is on this one.

So we went down the street and found Axel Rose by walking right up to it. The iPhone showed the coords to be right on the spot. That makes 430 for us now on our quest for the illusive 500 mark.

We are going to Florence OR tomorrow to get out of the house. I am feeling cooped up since going to ER a couple of weeks ago and being told by the doctors to not drive and not to do any work.

Of course we will both be doing some geocaching while over there and of course we will be getting some clam chowder at Mo's. There is some new geocaches north of the area we had geocached the last time we were there so we are going to explore the northern reaches of Florence.